Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you collect the position information? There are two different methods we can use to collect position information. We can use track the GPS stream from the vessel's Inmarsat terminal (automatic tracking), or we can get updates from the vessel's noon position message (email tracking). Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Automatic tracking using a GPS stream is the most accurate method, allowing you to view your vessels' positions in nearly real time. Email tracking does not require any setup, and more information can be gathered (BOB, ETA's, etc) For the best "picture" of what your fleet is doing, we recommend using both automatic tracking and email tracking.
  • How much do you charge for Fleetrack? Please contact us for an immediate quote.
  • How do you compute bunker consumption? Our database takes the top value for bunkers onboard for a given day and subtracts this from the top bunker value for the previous day. This can create small errors if the time of day that bunkers were reported are not consistent each day. However, this error will be made up the next day, so the analysis is accurate over time. On days when bunkers are taken on, the column will report N/A in the field.
  • Can other companies view information about our ships? No. Only you can view information about your ships. Our security system will only allow authorized users to view your data. The information can only be viewed after entering the correct user name and password. You may request special passwords, otherwise we will assign one to you.
  • Can we put the Fleetrack maps onto our website? Yes, we can link the Fleetrack website to your company's website. This could be a portion of the data, or all of the data. Email us for information on linking your site to Fleetrack.
  • Can you create a complete website for our company? Yes, we can do any type of web design you like. We recommend making Fleetrack a central feature of your site, but we can also create websites without Fleetrack. We can setup simple websites with information you email to us very quickly.